Every Spark Matters – Every Act Counts


Act Now! is a biennial conference for schools, children, youth and stakeholders, organised by ENO Programme Association. In 2013 the focus was on water, in conjunction with the celebration of the international year of water. There were 2500 participants from 41 countries.

Act Now 2015 will focus on renewable energy. The conference will take place 7 - 11 Sep in the city of Joensuu, Finland. Joensuu is located next to the Russian border and about 400 km North-East from Helsinki.

In the main event  9-10 Sep, participants and partners arrange hands-on workshops according renewable energy. Workshops are various-sided and including games, drama, music etc. Other highlights will be Every Spark Matters, a contest where students show their projects of renewavble energy, and ENO Action Plan on Renewable Energy that will be made during the conference.

Forests and tree planting will also be visible in the conference. In the Rio+20 Summit, ENO’s commitment of planting 100 million trees by 2017 was highlighted in the overall summary of commitments, out of 700 pledges. In addition to nature activities, a strategy symposium for 100 Million Trees campaign and a seminar about renewable energy will be organized, in co-operation with ENO Academic Supervisory Board. Representatives of ENO Green Cities Network will be invited.

Welcome to Joensuu 7 -11 SEP! 

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